How to Collect Both Club and Federation Products

Over 200 Athletics Ireland clubs are already enjoying the multiple benefits of collecting Club memberships through the Athletics Ireland platform. With all your members details already in the Athletics Ireland database, taking the next step and allowing your members to sign up and renew their memberships with you through the platform is a quick and easy process.

  1. Reach out to
  2. Ensure there are no members in the ‘Unpaid Club Members’ section.
  3. Add Club Products (How to Create Club Products)
  4. Connect a Stripe Account (Funds go to you in real-time!) (How to set up a Stripe Account)
  • Reduced Administration for Club Officials
  • Members can pay both federation fees and club fees in one transaction
  • Club fees go directly to your linked payment account in real-time
  • Streamlined process for new members to join your club
  • Quick and easy renewal process for existing members
  • Automatic Entry4Sport for members as they pay their membership fees.
  • Automatic removal of one day license fee for members entering into permitted events.
  • Low Transaction Fees (4.5% Including Bank Fees)
  • Access to the new fully integrated club fundraising tool

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Collecting both Club and Federation Products through the Athletics Ireland Platform