Permit Information & Applications

The Athletics Ireland Road Race Licence is a system whereby the governing body helps to ensure that the essential organisational requirements for a road race are in place to ensure the safety of all concerned and consistency in race organisation standards across the country.  The Athletics Ireland Licence also provides insurance cover up to €6.5m. If entries exceed 1000, additional insurance cover will be required and can be purchased through the Athletics Ireland Insurance Broker.

As of 2023 the Athletics Ireland One Day Licence is now required for non-members in permitted recreational events. This is currently set at €2. All funds generated through the one day licence will directly support our high performance programme to continue to deliver international success.

  1. Apply for your permit online by clicking here
  2. Fill in all relevant event information
  3. Your Event will be set up for online registration for you via Eventmaster
  4. The Eventmaster team will work with you and customise your event as needed
  5. Once your Event is published the permit will be sent for Club and County Approval.
  • Increased visibility of your event as it will be featured on the official Athletics Ireland event calendar. This is visited by thousands of visitors each month
  • Insurance cover of up to €6.5m for up to 1,000 entries.
  • Automatic event creation and support from Eventmaster. This includes built in marketing tools
  •  Access to free built in fundraising on your events