Family Memberships

Club products only create one membership. If you have a Family Club Product please delete this. Instead, group discounts can be created. (i.e. 2 Senior Memberships and 1 Juvenile, 1 Senior Membership and 3 Juvenile etc.)

In order for members to avail of a discount, all the products must be bought in
same transaction. For example, if a Club has a set price of 2 Senior Memberships
and 2 Juvenile memberships for €200 instead of €250, this will apply automatically at the
checkout for people with this in their basket. However, if they register one child
at the time of booking and then want to add another child at a later date. This is
a separate transaction and the discount will not be applied.

If a discount is not pulling through on an order for any reason, as a Club Official
you can Override the price for both new and existing members.