How to add or edit Club Officials

All club users can add and edit current club officials during the affiliation process and at any time during the year. This can be done by going to your Club Profile and selecting the Club Officials tab. As soon as a club official is added/removed their access will be granted/restricted.

This is useful even if you just need to update a contact email or telephone number.

Please note: All club administrators need separate logins/email addresses to access the system.

In the club officials section you will see a list of your current club users and their details, in the actions tab next to each person you have the option to:


or Delete:

You can add a new club official by clicking on the Assign Club Official button

When adding a new official you will be required to add in the persons name and contact details.

If the person already has an existing role and you are unable to save due to the duplication of email addresses, please select No Account. The position dropdown has an other tab so you can create new positions within your club.

The ‘No new membership comms’ option, when ticked will turn off email alerts going to this user when someone applies to join the club.

Click on Add once you are happy with the details submitted.

Don’t forget to save this new addition once you are brought back to the club officials screen.