Member Guide – Transferring Clubs

You need to have an active Club membership to transfer to another Club. Please note, it is advisable to discuss the transfer with your current and potential new club before starting the transfer process below.

Log into your Athletics Ireland account HERE

After your current membership has been renewed, click My Memberships, and select the Membership you wish to transfer.

Click on Club Transfer to start the Transfer application process.

Select your new preferred Club from the drop down menu. Optionally you can also include a reason for transferring and can opt to remain in the same County Alligence. Click Submit to send the Transfer.

You can track the status of your Transfer in your Membership details. The transfer will need to be approved by your current Club Secretary, New Club Secretary and County Board before the transfer is complete.

You will get an email alert when your transfer has been Approved/Declined. If your transfer is declined your current Club Membership will remain unchanged.

For transfer related queries, please contact