Lapsed Members – Transferring Clubs

Directions to Lapsed Members between 1 and 3 years on how to transfer clubs.

  • Lapsed Members between 1 and 3 years, complete a Lapsed Member Transfer Form when they request a wish to transfer.
  • Download the form here or email
  • They must fill out Section A
  • Then have form scanned to both Incoming and Outgoing Clubs.
  • Club Secretary/s must complete Sections B and C and THEY must scan the completed form to the relevant County Secretary’/s for approval.
  • County Secretary/s then must email Registration to give their approval and ask us to manually transfer these athletes.
  • The athletes will have to pay both Federation and Club fees to the new club once transfer is processed.

Directions to lapsed members within one year who wish to transfer online.

  • If an athlete hasn’t renewed their membership for the current year as they intend to transfer, they will still need to renew their Athletics Ireland membership.
  • They will need to contact the current club and pay the Athletics Ireland component of the fees.
  • The member can request to the club to override the club component and make their club membership complimentary if needed.