Club Guide – Managing Transfers

You can approve/decline transfer requests for your Club through the Athletics Ireland Platform.

Directions to Lapsed Members between 1 and 3 years on how to transfer clubs.

  • Lapsed Members between 1 and 3 years, need to complete a Lapsed Member Transfer Form when they request a wish to transfer.
  • The Lapsed Member Transfer Form can be downloaded here or can be requested via email from
  • They must fill out Section A
  • Then have form scanned to both Incoming and Outgoing Clubs.
  • Club Secretary/s must complete Sections B and C and THEY must scan the completed form to the relevant County Secretary’/s for approval.
  • County Secretary/s then must email Registration to give their approval and ask us to manually transfer these athletes.
  • The athletes will have to pay both Federation and Club fees to the new club once transfer is processed.

Managing & Approving Transfers

Log into your Athletics Ireland account HERE

Click Welcome, Select Club User/Club Management and then click into the Transfer section in the left menu bar.

In this section you will see incoming and outgoing transfers. Click on View to either Approve/Decline the transfer.

All transfers need to be signed off by both club secretaries and the County board before they are finalised.

Your Club Member can track the status of their transfer in their membership account and they will automatically get an email with updates. I.e. When their transfer is approved/declined at each stage.

You can see completed transfers in the Archived Transfers section

For transfer related queries, please contact