Adding a New Membership to your account

If you have an existing login or an existing membership, you can add other memberships, such as family members to your account.

Log into Athletics Ireland membership system here:

On the left hand side on the top of the screen you will see My Memberships.
Click on Register New Member

One item from both Federation Level Membership and Club Membership options should be selected. Then click Continue

Enter in the personal information required for that membership. Select Save.

After all the required information is added for that membership application is added, there is an option to add another member or submit for club approval.

A message will appear on screen as confirmation that the submission has been sent to the club secretary for review and where to track it’s progress.

Membership submissions will appear in the Membership Applications section of your account.

Once the membership has been approved, a payment link will be sent automatically via email. This can also be completed through the payment form now visible in Membership Applications.

Once the payment is complete, the membership will appear in the My Memberships section. If there are multiple memberships, these will also appear.

By clicking into the membership this will pull up your full membership details, as well as your membership profile that is fully editable.